A girl’s got to look her best, but that doesn’t mean she needs to take chances. The truth be known, browsing through most makeup cabinets would turn up some alarming cancer risks.

Synthetic paraben-based cosmetics have been known to cause breast cancer in some laboratory animals. Although paraben exists naturally in plants, many cosmetics use synthetically contrived paraben, made from a mixture of chemicals that better belong in a laboratory than your own body.

Some scientific studies have found paraben a possible cause of breast cancer. Some scientists believe that paraben may leak into the body through paraben-based cosmetics and deodorants.

You don’t want to take chances that compromise your health, especially when there are plenty of organic cosmetics that actually improve the health of your skin naturally.

A growing movement of environmental and health conscious consumers have fueled a market in naturally made makeup, introducing a variety of paraben-free-cosmetics.

Paraben has also been linked to a string of physical ailments, irritating some sensitive skin. Paraben has also been found to mimic estrogen in a woman’s body, interfering with her cycles as well as her chemical balance.

Is your body some lab animal? Do you want to take that risk, just to look beautiful?

Thankfully, you don’t have to. We all want to light up a room when we walk into a crowd, be stunningly attractive with colors that bring out our best. But you don’t need to sacrifice your health for that perfect color or shine.

Organic cosmetics give your skin a naturally alluring color because they’re made from nature. Not only do they add shine to your skin, they literally heal damaged skin through natural materials that are good for the body.

Why let the pharmaceutical industry dictate your makeup bag? Besides being used in many non-natural cosmetics, paraben is also used as a food preservative. Do you want something like that near your skin? Instead of adding to its beauty, paraben preserves your skin like a fossil!

In this day and age of green energy and natural alternatives, synthetic paraben is just needless pollution for you and your body. With so many alternatives of paraben-free-cosmetics available, there’s really no excuse you can give yourself for not treating your body to an organic solution.

Look beautiful, be the first thing they see when they walk in the room, but do it naturally and paraben-free. Your health is just too beautiful to take the risk!