With the advent of the green movement, you hear terms like all natural cosmetics, organic cosmetics and spa cosmetics tossed about freely. But, what do they mean. Here we will define spa cosmetics, and assess some of their benefits.

What Are Spa Cosmetics?

There is no official definition for spa cosmetics. But they definitely exist. It’s one of the things that everybody knows what you’re referring to, but it’s hard to explain. So, for simplicity sake, let’s define spa cosmetics here.

Spa cosmetics are those products you find in a spa or relaxation retreat to nourish and rejuvenate the hair, skin and body.  Following are some common spa cosmetics.

Common Spa Cosmetics & Their Health Benefits

Mud Packs: Mud packs are natural fit when you think of spa cosmetics. They have been used for centuries to do more than just cleanse the skin. One of the benefits of mud packs that many may not be aware of is that they’re used to treat chronic inflammation caused by internal diseases, for example.

Bath Salts: These are natural spa cosmetics because they do what you think of when you think of a spa – they help you to relax. For example, did you know that salts from the Dead Sea contain over 20 different minerals? minerals that are rich in therapeutic properties… and, all you have to do to get the benefits is add them to a nice warm bath.

Sea Algae: This is one of the most beneficial spa cosmetics you can use, for it provides a wide spectrum of enzymes, fiber and amino acids the body desperately needs.

The reason sea algae is so beneficial to our bodies is because the makeup of our body’s organic structure fluids are the same as the chemical makeup of deep-sea water. This means sea kelp is extremely similar humanlike plasma. In the ocean, sea kelp acts as a purifier. And, it does the same thing, in many respects, for human bodies.

As you can ascertain from the spa cosmetics listed here, beauty is more than skin deep. Spa cosmetics highlight this fact.