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Special Makeup

Special makeup effects turn imagination into a career When it comes to special makeup effects, the fantastic must meld with the realistic, creating fantastical worlds that have all the edge of reality. Whether your doing special makeup effects for a movie, a theater production or a Hollywood-theme party, you want the result to not only […]

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Make Up Brushes

Are your make up brushes clean enough? We use makeup to take care of our face, but if we don’t care for our make up brushes chances are,we’re not taking care of our faces: Most women don’t realize how important it is to take proper care of their make up brushes. Every time you use […]

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Safe Cosmetics

Are your cosmetics safe? Don’t compromise health for beauty: When we use cosmetics, we do so to become beautiful. Makeup should essentially enhance our health, not compromise our bodies. Sadly, 90 percent of the cosmetics on the market have never been evaluated for safety. An average cosmetics consumer uses a combination of products that contain […]

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