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The Right Way to Apply Mascara

One of my favorite subjects, Eyelashes! Whether you want to keep it natural or  are going for the drama, lashes play a huge role on helping you achieve a sexy put together look. Mascara will help you define the eyes and make them stand out, but only when applied properly, so here are a few […]

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Special Makeup

Special makeup effects turn imagination into a career When it comes to special makeup effects, the fantastic must meld with the realistic, creating fantastical worlds that have all the edge of reality. Whether your doing special makeup effects for a movie, a theater production or a Hollywood-theme party, you want the result to not only […]

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How to put on Makeup

It might sound silly to you, but putting on makeup is an art form.  Have you even looked at a woman on the street and thought “Oh my!! poor girl has no clue how to put on her makeup!” On the other hand, we all know the girl that always looks flawless, like a Mac […]

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