You want the skin protection of lip balm, but you also love the gleam that only lipstick can provide. With natural lipstick, you get the best of both worlds. Natural lipstick is made of vital botanicals that feature natural ingredients that both enhance and protect your lips. Natural lipstick is every bit as bright as the synthetic version. The only difference is the healthiness it provides your skin.

It’s completely paraben-free. It’s not made from petroleum or other unnatural chemicals. When you choose organic lipstick, you get nothing but natural ingredients, including beneficially healing herbs and lotions.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice the health of your lips for beauty. With lipstick made from natural ingredients, you enjoy that same healthy gleam of other lipsticks, but with the ingredients to protect and heal your skin as well as make it beautiful. We all need to be concerned with what we put on our bodies, especially our lips. With organic lipstick, you don’t compromise your health for beauty. In fact, you heal and protect your skin with naturally healing agents, making your lips supple and young for years to come.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin. As we treat our lips with natural products, our skin doesn’t age or dry out as fast. In fact, natural products enhance our lips, making them look younger and suppler through the healing benefits of natural herbs.

Don’t compromise the health of your lips for beauty. When we use lipstick that’s natural, we not only make them look more beautiful, but also protect them against the ravaging effects of aging and the sun. It’s like wearing lip balm that’s also a beautiful cosmetic, the best of both worlds for the healthy, beautiful lips.