When it comes to eyeshadow I can never have enough: enough colors, variety and textures.  I like to have some in press powder, loose powder and cream.

Variety is important when you are trying to achieve different looks; for example if you want to go with a really dramatic smokey eye a powder eyeshadow works best. But if you are going for a more natural look, a cream shadow will do. Also a mineral powder eyeshadow will give you a more natural look, since they are not as thick and heavy as other powders.

All different brands offer different things. If you look close in the aisles of a drugstore you will notice that some brands are more “daring” while others stay more on the “conservative” side.  I personally like lots of bright colors, shimmery and even glittery shadows, but even I sometimes feel like keeping it on the classier side!

I have been considering switching some of my eyeshadows to mineral  (I only use mineral foundation) but I found that the colors were very basic and just plain boring! Last week I went to a store and I notice a new product line by Almay, called Pure Blends, they also have Almay Pure Blends Foundation to round off the selection.

My first thought was “great, another boring mineral cosmetic line”.  But as I started looking more closely I was taking aback by the colors. I thought they were beautiful, classic and sophisticated.

It comes in 10 shades and the colors are sheer and luminous, and It contains a blend of antioxidand fruit and flower extracts such as Lotus, Orchid and Acai. The box is also cute and it’s made of 58% recycled materials, a nice eco-friendy touch.

It’s also paraben free and it contains no talc, wich is great if you have a tendency to get dry eyelids after using makeup.

It also notice that it stays on nicely for at least 7 hours without reapplying.  I have to say that I am happy with this product, I have it in 2 colors so far and I think I will be buying more in the not so distant future.