Back in the late 80’s my mother was a Mary Kay sales, rep.  There she was..ready to take on the world on her   cute two-piece pink suite, full make up and hair done ready to get out the door carrying her pink cosmetics sample train case.  Across the street, her best friend and Avon lady!

Today that is a thing of the past.. so shop cosmetics in your pajamas!!

Have you seen the selection of makeup available on the web today? May the Mary Kay and Avon ladies eat her little pink cars out. There’s so much selection, so much variety, so much possibility, a girl can surf until the tide comes in and still surprise herself.

The digital age is pretty sweet. Enter a few words into Google, and you’ll get literally thousands of pages listing cosmetics sale after sale. And talk about selection! : from mineral cosmetics to organic alternatives, to even makeup made from the salts of the Dead Sea, anything is possible and we love it saving the earth, for example. A lot of makeup made from the big cosmetic companies is made from synthetic chemicals and petroleum, which pollute the earth, not to mention our bodies. Many women have allergies to certain synthetic materials used in some makeup, breaking out into rashes and hives and not even knowing why. A switch to organic cosmetics not only improves the environment, but it’s healthier for your skin as well. Natural cosmetics use natural ingredients that literally heal your skin like medicine.

Thanks to the wide selection possible on the web, organic makeup is finally an option to women everywhere. You don’t have to shop those expensive health spa chains or get your cosmetics from a luxurious spa. Organic alternatives are available literally at the touch of a button.

The universalism of the web makes every cosmetics sale competitive. Thousands of companies are literally competing against each other for your beauty, which mean rock bottom prices. Forget the department store!  Of course is fun to have a sales lady spray perfume on your arm, but the mall might as well be a museum anymore than a place to shop! The real sales, the real deals, are had on the web, every day, 24 hours a day.

Plus, you can shop in your nightgown, drinking coffee in the comforts of your own home. Holiday traffic? Who needs holiday traffic, unless it’s your own kids running through the living room? Though you deserve to look pretty, you don’t have to leave your house to do it anymore. Save leaving the house for a girl’s night on the town, a romantic evening at the ballet, or even a walk in the park for a breath of fresh air.

Why not pamper yourself? Why not treat yourself to the best sales on the web and save money at the same time? Shop at home. You don’t merely deserve elegance; you deserve it served in your pajamas.