Are your make up brushes clean enough?

We use makeup to take care of our face, but if we don’t care for our make up brushes chances are,we’re not taking care of our faces: Most women don’t realize how important it is to take proper care of their make up brushes. Every time you use makeup, you are adding a new layer onto your brush, layers of oil, dirt and old makeup that builds up over time. Dirty brushes only return the dirt to our face, blemishing our pores that result in needless acne, outbreaks and discoloration.

Frequent washing of your makeup brush keeps them clean and healthy, which in return keeps your face clean and healthy. A makeup brush is not unlike a toothbrush.. It removes layers of gunk and secretions from our skin, which build up over time. Even if the dirt is invisible to the naked eye, it will clog your pores and add extra oil to your complexion, yuck! Keeping the cosmetic brush clean keeps the dirt from being continually recycled, constantly added to your skin and blemishing your pores.

Cleaning is fairly easy and should be done often: Always wash your brushes with warm water, as it kills germs and better removes the gunk and the oil. Apply a small amount of shampoo, and work it into a nice, luscious lather. Rinse the bristles thoroughly under the water. Notice how the water leaving the brush is contaminated with old makeup, as well as layers of oil that wouldn’t normally be making contact with the face. Although it’s invisible, the material can have serious conflicts with your skin.

Continue rinsing until no color leaves the brush. Once the brush is its natural color again, it should be free of the layers of makeup, body oils and other dirt.

Quality brushes are often made of real hair, which only maintains its quality when washed frequently. If the brush isn’t clean, you are only coating oils and old makeup on your face, which defeats the purpose of fresh makeup in the first place, so start fresh each time you apply makeup with a clean brush. Otherwise, the beauty optimizing quality of the makeup is limited as it becomes mixed with the older product and residue.

Cosmetic treatments are only as clean as the brushes we use to apply makeup to our faces. The brush is the essential introducing tool of the makeup, and proper care is vital to any beauty treatment. Just as we ensure that our pores are oil and blemish- free, we need to be careful that our brushes are kept clean as well. Clean brushes help us to optimize the beauty of our cosmetics.