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Natural Lipstick for a Natural You

You want the skin protection of lip balm, but you also love the gleam that only lipstick can provide. With natural lipstick, you get the best of both worlds. Natural lipstick is made of vital botanicals that feature natural ingredients that both enhance and protect your lips. Natural lipstick is every bit as bright as […]

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Makeup Tips for Bad Days

Having a “bad-beauty day”? don’t worry..you are not alone! Everyone, even the most beautiful supermodel had the occasional bad day, when her eyes look puffy, her skin looks discolored and the breakouts are so obvious! Fortunately there are several things we can do to improve this look, so follow this easy steps and see yourself […]

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Natural Lipstick

Natural lipstick enhances the beauty of your lips- why risk the skin of your mouth with synthetic poison? Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and your lips are the closet part of that organ, the very center to your mouth, forming the gateway between your inner being and the outside world. Why […]

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