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Makeup Tips for Bad Days

Having a “bad-beauty day”? don’t worry..you are not alone! Everyone, even the most beautiful supermodel had the occasional bad day, when her eyes look puffy, her skin looks discolored and the breakouts are so obvious! Fortunately there are several things we can do to improve this look, so follow this easy steps and see yourself […]

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Makeup Train Cases

Never leave that perfect shade of lip gloss behind again! As women, we are always on the move. Whether it be business trips or pleasure travel, we’re all over the globe, barely stopping to catch our breath. When we are traveling, we need to be prepare for any occasion, whether it be a casual  dinner, […]

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Mor Cosmetics

When hasn’t elegance been good for us? It’s a ceaselessly stressful struggle to balance family and careers, but finding time to live the good life makes us more capable of surviving life’s strife. Treat yourself to elegance, pamper a little indulgence, and you’ll be treating your family and your co-workers as well as yourself! You’ll […]

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