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Almay Cosmetics – Natural Makeup that’s Great for your Skin

What’s in your makeup? Check out the ingredients of the cosmetics you are using. You may be surprised. Many cosmetic brands are made from synthetics, harmful oils and unnatural ingredients that irritate your skin. Often, you could be using these products and suffering allergic reactions and not even know it. Your latest breakout may not […]

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Makeup Advice

Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing.. The simplest, best makeup advice a girl can share is simplicity. Makeup should bring out the essence of your shine and colors. It shouldn’t attract attention just for its own sake, but should interact with your features subtly, unconsciously, weaving a gentle enchantment we may […]

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Mor Cosmetics

When hasn’t elegance been good for us? It’s a ceaselessly stressful struggle to balance family and careers, but finding time to live the good life makes us more capable of surviving life’s strife. Treat yourself to elegance, pamper a little indulgence, and you’ll be treating your family and your co-workers as well as yourself! You’ll […]

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