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Urban Decay

Get Urban, Get Hip with Urban Decay Are you sick of prissy makeup? Does the color pink remind you of sorority days you wished never crawled out of the wastebasket? Are you tired of the blossoms and butterflies and the typical pretty colors most of the cosmetics brands tote just to get your attention? Then […]

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Vegan Makeup- For the animals’ sake..read the labels!

A lot of brands of cosmetics claim to be cruelty free and not test on animals, but that doesn’t mean animals weren’t consumed in the process of their manufacturing. Many makeup brands, even some of the natural and organic selections, contain products made from animals, either through animal fat that’s applied to your skin, or […]

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Organic Beauty Care

Once upon a time, women did not care where their beauty products came from. Call it the need-to-know basis and not asking meant you really didn’t need to know. Well, those days have changed. Organic products were not always in style. Aerosols in hair spray replaced with eco friendly propellants, whale fat and blubber used […]

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