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Cleansing your face before bed

I have asked several older women what is the secret to beautiful healthy skin, and they all agree on one thing and one thing only: “Never, never sleep with makeup”;  and even though cosmetics and beauty products have improved over time it only makes sense to want to remove makeup before going to bed. Night […]

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Wedding Makeup

Choosing the perfect makeup for the perfect wedding day When it’s your big wedding day, you dream of looking like a princess blossoming into becoming a queen. All eyes will be on you, and you’ve been dreaming of this big day for your entire life. You need to be flawlessly perfect, from your gorgeous dress […]

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Urban Decay

Get Urban, Get Hip with Urban Decay Are you sick of prissy makeup? Does the color pink remind you of sorority days you wished never crawled out of the wastebasket? Are you tired of the blossoms and butterflies and the typical pretty colors most of the cosmetics brands tote just to get your attention? Then […]

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