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Cosmetics and Skin Care

Using cosmetics that naturally heal our skin When we choose to use natural, organic makeup, we choose to care for the health of our bodies. Natural cosmetics and skin care go hand in hand. Makeup should not only make us look beautiful, it should enhance the health of our skin, keeping it soft and supple, […]

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Hypoallergenic Makeup

For those of us girls with sensitive skin, we know the value and importance of hypoallergenic makeup. Our skin tends to breakout when subjected to certain allergic cosmetics ingredients. Often, we may have suffered these breakouts for quite some time before we realized it was really an allergic reaction, instead blaming them on stress or […]

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Natural Lipstick

Natural lipstick enhances the beauty of your lips- why risk the skin of your mouth with synthetic poison? Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and your lips are the closet part of that organ, the very center to your mouth, forming the gateway between your inner being and the outside world. Why […]

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