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Mineral Foundation Makeup

A foundation of minerals- become silky and sexy again.. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, as integral to our health as our hearts and our brains . As a protective organ, our skin requires special care and attention. Often, we’ll ignore a face breakout, blaming a pimple or boil on stress, covering […]

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Safe Cosmetics

Are your cosmetics safe? Don’t compromise health for beauty: When we use cosmetics, we do so to become beautiful. Makeup should essentially enhance our health, not compromise our bodies. Sadly, 90 percent of the cosmetics on the market have never been evaluated for safety. An average cosmetics consumer uses a combination of products that contain […]

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Paraben Free Cosmetics: Go Organic-Why Take the Chance?

A girl’s got to look her best, but that doesn’t mean she needs to take chances. The truth be known, browsing through most makeup cabinets would turn up some alarming cancer risks. Synthetic paraben-based cosmetics have been known to cause breast cancer in some laboratory animals. Although paraben exists naturally in plants, many cosmetics use […]

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