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Cosmetics and Skin Care

Using cosmetics that naturally heal our skin When we choose to use natural, organic makeup, we choose to care for the health of our bodies. Natural cosmetics and skin care go hand in hand. Makeup should not only make us look beautiful, it should enhance the health of our skin, keeping it soft and supple, […]

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Mineral Foundation Makeup

A foundation of minerals- become silky and sexy again.. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, as integral to our health as our hearts and our brains . As a protective organ, our skin requires special care and attention. Often, we’ll ignore a face breakout, blaming a pimple or boil on stress, covering […]

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Almay Make Up

Almay Make Up features natural ingredients to restore the health of your skin: The truth be told, not all makeup is good for you. Some brands of cosmetics contain synthetic oils, artificial dyes, or petro-chemicals that are harsh and damaging. Others contain multiple ingredients that some are allergic to, causing rashes and breakouts that blemish […]

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