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Cleansing your face before bed

I have asked several older women what is the secret to beautiful healthy skin, and they all agree on one thing and one thing only: “Never, never sleep with makeup”;  and even though cosmetics and beauty products have improved over time it only makes sense to want to remove makeup before going to bed. Night […]

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Stage Make up

When an actress steps out onto a stage, she walks into the middle of the audience’s imagination. Any stage makeup artist needs to keep this in mind. Unlike using cosmetics at home, makeup for the theater is designed to make us something we’re not. On stage, we are pretending, we are becoming somebody else. Theatrical […]

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Borghese Cosmetics: Princes Really Do Wear Shining Armor When They Go to Work

The Borghese cosmetics line is based on royalty, both in its elegance and its literally. Prince Lorenzo Borghese rules the Borghese Cosmetics line, serving as a managing partner together with his father. The private Italian cosmetics label sells numerous brands of cosmetics to major department stores, earning a reputation of elegance and legacy that goes […]

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